Travertine Salt Deposits Removed

  • Travertine Salt Deposit Removal
    A side-by-side comparison of the travertine before and after our professional services demonstrates we achieve fantastic results.

Salt Deposits on Travertine Floor

This travertine floor in San Diego had lost its elegance and become diminished in appearance because of salt deposits on the surface of the stone. We were honored to be called in to examine this travertine floor and identify the problem. We explained to the homeowners that we could fully restore the travertine, but that in time, the same problem could reappear again. We reassured them that eventually all of the minerals would make their way out of the stone.

Travertine Salt Deposit Removal and Refinishing

Our technicians are specially trained to restore all natural stone floors, including travertine floors that require specialized expertise. It took knowledge, experience, and the proper tools to hone away the salt deposits, reveal the true beauty of the stone, and restore the soft matte finish.

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