Travertine with Listello Mosaic Border

Client : Homeowner in San Diego
Info : Travertine and listello cleaning, polishing, honing

Listello Mosaic Needed Special Care

This stylish floor was installed with natural travertine tile and bordered with a delicate listello mosaic inlay. Listello means “thin strip” in Italian and is often used as a decorative border in tile installations to break up the repetitive look of the floor.

Unfortunately, unsightly dirt and debris had settled into the grout, and the floor was in need of a good deep cleaning, as well as polishing and honing. It was important not to damage the listello mosaic inlay.

The Solution

The professionals at Set in Stone Restoration were able to carefully clean the travertine tile and grout without damaging the delicate listello mosaic inlay. The floor was then polished and honed to the homeowner’s preference.

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Natural stone listellos are typically made of limestone. The designs found on natural stone listellos are etched into the stone by a waterjet process, creating a rich, three-dimensional texture and a multitude of design and pattern options, including Old World, Asian and contemporary designs.Read more :