White Marble Etch Removal

Client : Homeowners in Del Mar, CA
Info : Etch Removal and Refinish

The Problem

White marble is a popular marble color, because it exudes traditional class and luxury yet suits modern decor. Unfortunately, white marble etches easily. This Del Mar, CA countertop, pictured in the BEFORE image, had a round etch in a very obvious place. When the light hit the countertop just right, the appearance of the entire room seemed to diminish.

About Stains and Etches

Marble stains and etches are two different things. Based on the appearance of this etch, it seems that someone left food or drink on the countertop. The ring of white haze that does not wipe off the stone is the result of acids in the food or drink reacting with the surface of the stone. The etch in this countertop went deep enough that we could run our fingers across the countertop and feel the rough texture.

A stain is different from an etch in that it causes a color change in the stone, but not because of a chemical reaction. Stains don’t produce a texture on the surface of the stone.

With deep etches, DIY polishing compounds will only make matters worse. Fortunately, these homeowners knew that marble restoration should only be performed by a professional stone restoration contractor to avoid further damage of the stone.

Our Solution

We often get calls from homeowners asking us to remove etches from marble, so we went into this marble countertop restoration job armed with the knowledge and experience to resolve the problem. First, we provided marble honing services, at a 220-400-800 grit diamond hone. This removed the rough texture and the unsightly appearance of the etch. Then we gave this countertop a satin, semi-polished finish, and re-sealed the stone to protect it from damage in the future.

As you can see in the AFTER image, the etch is no longer there and the countertop looks so much better. The homeowners were very satisfied with the results of our work.

Visit our Marble Services page or watch this short video to learn more about professional marble restoration services and this video to learn more about natural stone restoration for commercial properties.

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