Crack Behind Granite Sink Repaired

  • Sink Granite Crack Repair
    This BEFORE image shows the damage in front of the backsplash.
  • Sink Granite Crack Repair
    This AFTER image shows how we repaired the damaged area to like-new condition.
  • Sink Granite Crack Repair
    See for yourself what a difference our granite repair services can make!

Cracked Granite Behind Sink

Granite cracks can happen when a moisture barrier fails. That’s what happened to homeowners in San Diego, California. Usually, such damage occurs at the front of the sink, where the stone is weakest. In this case, it happened on the back side, near the backsplash. After seeing examples of similar repairs for other clients, they contacted us to find out whether the countertop could be repaired or if they would have to replace the entire top.

How We Repaired and Refinished the Granite

First, we thoroughly cleaned and neutralized the area. Then, using professional-grade adhesives designed for stone repair, we attached the broken portion to the original stone. Our precision repair work helped conceal the repaired area to the extent that only the homeowners would know there had ever been damage there.

To help blend the repaired area with the surrounding stone, we honed and polished the entire slab of granite.

We were careful to completely recaulk and reseal to prevent future moisture damage.

The homeowners were amazed at the results we were able to achieve. They were also relieved that the fees for our repairs were much less than what it would have cost to replace the top.

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