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Cracked Granite Sink Cutout Repaired

The moisture barrier was compromised and the rod rusted and expanded, causing the granite to crack. We repaired and refinished for a brand new look.

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Broken Granite Around Sink Repaired

The homeowners had no idea why the granite broke, as no one had done anything to cause such damage. We told them it wasn’t their fault.

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Etched Marble Sink Repolished

Marble Sink Had Etched Finish

Etches, often mistakenly called "water marks" can really stand out when the light hits just right, making the finish look sloppy and dirty. San Diego homeowners called us because they wanted the nice, glossy finish the countertops had when they were first installed.

Our Marble Restoration Process

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Precision Granite Crack Repair

The cost of repair versus the cost of replacement was a no-brainer for these homeowners. They loved the end result and were glad they had called us.

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